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Bernice’s Blend Coffee

Bernice’s Blend Coffee


Bernice’s Blend Coffee - Hunter Bay’s version of a classic Mocha Java, Bernice’s Blend is rich in flavors of wild berries and spice with an earthiness that lends robust body and structure. Mocha Java is the world’s oldest known coffee blend, and in our version, quality coffees from Africa and Indonesia are carefully blended and roasted to achieve a perfect marriage between the dancing fruit accents of the African and the thick earth tones of the Indonesian coffees.


Created to be served alongside the gourmet pastries at Bernice’s Bakery here in Missoula, Montana, Bernice’s Blend is made from naturally processed 100% organic coffees from coffee cooperatives in the East Indies and Africa. In this complex blend the robust body and smooth finish of the East Indies coffees balance the assertive fruity flavors in the East African coffees, presenting the best qualities of each in a stout brew of moderate acidity with full flavors and ripe berry highlights. Rich, winey and full-bodied, Bernice’s Blend has been one of Hunter Bay’s top-selling coffees since its introduction in 1992.


Roasting Notes: Bernice’s Blend is slow-roasted to a rich, dark-chocolate brown Viennese Roast to accentuate the coffee’s caramel-chocolate flavors and to add a touch of dark roast toastiness and pleasant burnt-sugar sweetness to this well-balanced, full-bodied brew.


Tasting Notes: Aroma – Brown sugar & sweet malt with accents of cinnamon.Acidity – Soft & subtle with more spice than citrus.Flavor – Rich, full flavors of cinnamon spice, brown sugar, and chocolate.Body – Thick, bold, and supple with lasting full-bodied flavor.Aftertaste – Hints of burnt sugar and cinnamon spice and a long, sweet finish.Balance – Excellent balance with initial spiciness, full flavors, and a pleasant, sweet aftertaste.


ORIGIN: East Indies and Africa


AROMA LEVEL: Very Aromatic

BODY: Full Bodied

BRIGHTNESS: Medium Brightness

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