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Moose Drool Coffee

Moose Drool Coffee


Moose Drool Coffee - Developed in cooperation with Big Sky Brewing, Hunter Bay’s Moose Drool is a pleasing combination of opposites — a dark roast coffee with a smooth, mild aftertaste; rich, thick, and stout but also naturally sweet with a hint of brown sugar, caramel, and spice; suitable to drink every day with breakfast and to serve alongside a rich dessert after dinner.


The brew masters at Big Sky Brewing enjoy a strong cup of dark roast coffee as they begin their workday brewing Moose Drool Ale, and the coffee we developed for them quickly became one of our most popular blends. Hunter Bay’s Moose Drool is naturally sweet with a long, extra-smooth aftertaste, a coffee that is wonderful served black or with a touch of sugar and cream.


Moose Drool coffee from Hunter Bay. You can’t forget the unique name and you won’t forget the unique flavor of this mellow dark roast coffee.


Roasting Notes: We roast Moose Drool slowly to a medium-dark French Roast to maintain the coffee’s natural sweetness. It emerges from the roaster dark brown in color with a translucent ebony sheen and bursting with rich flavors of brown sugar and bourbon.


Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Like a freshly opened box of quality caramel-crème chocolates.
Acidity – Very low acidity. 
Flavor – Long, mouth-filling flavors of brown sugar, bourban, malt, semi-sweet, and  chocolate.
Body – Soft, thick, rich with a pleasant fullness.
Aftertaste – Surprisingly clean and dry with slight chocolate overtones.
Balance – Full body and naturally sweet flavors dominate. Very low in acidity.


ORIGIN: Proprietary Blend
AROMA LEVEL: Full, Malty & Sweet
BODY: Medium Full
BRIGHTNESS: Very Soft, Earthy

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