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Summer Honey Coffee

Summer Honey Coffee


Summer Honey Coffee - Imagine yourself on a cool, dewy morning on the cobblestone bank of the Clark Fork River in Missoula, MT. The sun is beginning to rise, and a light, warm breeze blows upstream, bringing with it the pleasant and sweet smell of springtime. The warm weather is here, and with that comes our sweet and bold Summer Honey blend. 


We've partnered with Big Sky Brewing to bring you a delicious new coffee. We put careful thought into developing this seasonal blend with the goal of having a syrupy honey-like body in a lighter roasted coffee. And that's exactly what we've done! It's balanced and bold with flavors of chocolate, honeycomb, and strawberry jam.


Enjoy your next slow morning, wherever that may be, sipping a stout brew of this lovely seasonal coffee.


Tasting Notes:
Aroma – milk chocolate
Acidity – moderate
Flavor – graham cracker, strawberry, chocolate
Body – velvety up front and finishes smooth
Aftertaste – hints chocolate. 
Balance – bold and chocolatey flavors and a bright and nuanced flavor profile of honeycomb and strawberry


ORIGIN: Mexico & Africa
AROMA LEVEL: mildly aromatic
BODY: Full Bodied
BRIGHTNESS: Medium Acidity & Smooth

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