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Image by Matthew Smith


Have you ever enjoyed something so much that it became a part of your identity? For us, that is the outdoors. Our love for camping, hunting, and enjoying the outdoors, naturally led us to a way to share that love with others.



There are few things in this world that are better than sitting around a campfire in the mountains with good friends while wearing your favorite comfy flannel or hoodie. Paddling across a mountain lake, riding with your favorite people on an ATV, hiking on a crystal-clear day above the tree line in your favorite T-shirt, or just sitting on a tailgate enjoying a cold beer and a sandwich, watching a herd of elk move across the next ridge as the sun sets.



These are the things that inspired us to design our own brand, that we could share with the world and help them connect to the things we love so much. So, we decided we would make our own apparel that would help connect people to these places and feelings that make us so happy.


We had the idea and a direction. All we needed now was a name. Something that represented our brand, as well as the origins of the ideals behind it. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, this would lead to months of debate, tossing out names, listening to our children suggest names of some of our favorite camps, towns we’ve visited, abstract things from our youngest, combining unrelated words from things he found while exploring the mountains, etc. While all of these were fun, exciting, and sometimes a bit silly, the actual name came from our company owner in a much more incidental way. While gathering firewood for camp, we came across a large, uprooted stump that was weathered and gray. Time in the harsh Wyoming mountains had washed it clean, exposing its twisted roots to the elements. The stump now resides beside our pond with its gnarled roots facing the Sun. From this stump grew the idea of Twisted Timber and the name stuck.



So, as you look through our website, let your mind wander to those places. Feel the mountain sun on your face, the fresh crisp air of a mountain morning, and picture yourself wearing a piece of Twisted Timber apparel that helps you connect to those places even when you can’t be there.



Thank you for your support as we navigate this new world and watch for our ever-expanding designs to help continue connecting you and us to the things, we all love.

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